What are we unique about?

“Anatoly Velev” is not an ordinary hair studio. By crossing its doorstep and falling into the deft hands of the top coiffeur and his team you will not only receive an extremely useful advice for the haircut that suits you best, but will also acquire valuable knowledge, i.e. how to maintain it yourself at home! Moreover, your haircut will be shaped so that it will keep its excellent style after the haircut, and you will learn to maintain it yourself by extremely simple manipulations at home!
These three factors:
  • choosing a unique hairstyle based on your individual look
  • long-term maintenance of its shape even months after trimming
  • and the possibility to maintain it by the customer at home
make “Anatoly Velev” Hair Salon the perfect place for those who value themselves, their time and the true quality in life, no matter what they do.


“Anatoly Velev” Hair Salon is synonymous with quality, individual approach and creativity!


About stylist Anatoly Velev:

Stylist Anatoly Velev has the skills of a true master. He began his career in 2002 with stylist Kapanov, and then continued his progress with stylist Vasil Atanasov.
His great strength came after completing his training with some of the contemporary emblems of hairdressing art, Leticia Guinea (Paris), Jean Marc Joubert (Paris), as well as in workshops with Alexandre de Paris, Vidal Sasoon, TONI & GAY. There he mastered his skills and learned how to make his customers more beautiful by focusing on their uniqueness, which he skillfully emphasized by choosing the most appropriate hairstyles.
I love to change women – this is my greatest talent. I like to experiment. I make sure the customers really like themselves!
Anatoly Velev

About the team:

All coiffeurs in stylist Anatoly Velev’s team have been personally trained by him from the very beginning of their professional career and under his expert leadership have become uncompromising professionals.
This is the main reason why the quality of the services offered in “Anatoly Velev” Hair Salon is extremely uncompromising.